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Bintulu Port makes ‘plogging’ for clean environment yearly affair

9 April 2018

SAMALAJU: A plogging programme will be one of Bintulu Port Holdings Berhad’s Health, Safety and Environment signature environment activities to be held on a yearly basis, says its chief executive officer Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah.

“We will start with the port area first. If successful, we will adopt and extend the concept and brand it as it is, for example, ‘Bintulu Plogging’,” he said at the Samalaju Industrial Port Plogging 2018 programme in Samalaju beach here recently.

He said plogging is a form of exercises; picking up trash while jogging, walking or strolling.

“It’s like going on a treasure hunt but in plogging we are on the lookout for trash that pollute the environment,” he said, adding it was not just good for the body but also for the mind and the environment.

On a related note, Medan said Samalaju Industrial Port Sdn Bhd (SIPSB) must plan and manage their operations and future expansion in a sustainable manner order to cope with the company’s policy toward green and environment-friendly port.

“Samalaju Port and Samalaju Industrial Park are located between two green areas – Similajau National Park in the south and Nyalau village in the north.

“These areas, including the surrounding marine areas, are critical habitats. Everyone needs to work together to ensure a balance between industrial development and conservation of natural resources.”

Medan said joining the plogging programme is a clear testament that BPHB is placing importance to its surroundings and the natural environment, and hopes everyone in the community would do the same.

“Anyone can plog, you don’t have to run, you walk. Let’s adopt the motto ‘plogging for life’,” Medan told the participants.

Samalaju Industrial Port Sdn Bhd chief operating officer  Matshalleh Mohamad Etli, Bintulu Port Sdn Bhd COO Omar Salleh, Biport Bulkers Sdn Bhd COO Yusof Ibrahim and BPHB Group Health, Safety and Environment general manager Abdani Abdul Gafor were among those present at the programme.