Application Form and User Manuals

What is e-Portal System

  • e-Portal is currently being used by the shipping community such as Shipping Agents, Mainliners, Hauliers etc.
  • to manage electronic submission and processing of port related documents from freight forwarding, shipping agent and shipping line.
  • e-Portal is a web portal system with a port community essence whereby it can support secure personalized single point of entry to various web or portal services as authorized via secured access for each port user, business partner or any other duly authorized use.

e-Portal current features are as follows:

  • e-Documentation
    • Notification of Ship Arrival (NOA)
    • Application of Berth (AOB)
    • Manifest (Import/Export)
    • Application for Vessel Profile (maiden voyage)
    • Integrated Export Document (IED)
    • Transshipment Shipment Document
    • Booking Forecast for Cargo
    • Pre-Gate Booking
    • Declaration of Dangerous Goods
    • ISPS Application (JL/ISPS/1, 2 & 3)
    • Vessel Change Request
    • Bay and Stowage Plan
    • Shutout/Shortship Certificate
    • Service Requisition for Equipment/Resources
    • Enquiries (Billing Information, Container Information, Vessel Movement Information)
  • e-Bill Payment and Presentment
    • Invoice Payment (online payment linked to banking bodies)
    • Pro-forma Vessel and Cargo invoice
    • Debtor Transaction Enquiry
    • Bank and Cash Guarantee
    • Credit Application
  • EAI (Enterprise Application Interface)
    • Backend module which facilitate all the EDI messages in UN/EDIFACT standard between terminals and shipping agents
    • EAI module in e-Portal is able to generate and transmit container information to shipping agent in UN/EDIFACT such as BAPLIE (Stowage plan), MOVINS (Stowage instructions), COARRI (Container discharge/loading), COPRAR (Discharge/Loading order), COPARN (Announcement) and CODECO (Gate In/Gate Out)
Application Form :